We can’t wait to get you on our planes.

The last year and a half, our Andorran Chamber of Commerce has been working on this plan, based on three axes: 1. Rail connection 2. Internal mobility 3. National Airport. The institution concludes that both the connections by rail and air are ideal to improve the comunications of the country on an international level, and open to Europe and the world.


In the case of the technical viability studies of the National Airport, our Chamber of Commerce counted with collaboration and advice from international referent companies like NAVBLUE (group Airbus) and CGX, who studied the adaptation of the flight procedures and the infrastructures, coordinated by the work commission on Andorran infrastructures, with the help of the Andorran Government.


See here the first flight simulation of one of the ultramodern Airbus airplanes ARRIVING in Andorra! Our Chamber of Commerce (CCIS) finalizes the fases of technical viability of our NATIONAL AIRPORT and continues with the other projects of our PLAN TO UNLOCK ANDORRA.

The Andorra National Airport would mean…


  • To prevent from dependence and isolation in communications


  • Essential to promote a new economic model, to be defined together (public and private sector)
  • Will bring high level investors and tourism directly to the country.
  • Should promote the attractiveness of industrial technological companies.
  • Will guarantee a prosperous future for our young people.


  • Total Independence of Andorra