Andorra for Culture, Art and History Lovers

For cultural and historical destination lovers, Andorra and surroundings hide great immersive stories, myths and legends which will awaken your adventurer side. Hidden gems of romanesque heritage, to be found all over Andorra’s valleys and mountains. The country’s art, easy to find in our museums and galleries. Check our proposals, and discover the country through its architecture, monuments, true stories passed along from generation to generation, deep-rooted customs and traditions. Are you up for it? Get ready to journey through time! We can include, on demand: route proposals, accomodations, local transports, activities, material rental, entrances to museums and attractions and guiding service in several languages.  

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Our Proposals

Culture in Andorra is not restricted by its seasons. It is always there for you to enjoy wether it’s hot or cold, whether the sun is blazing or the snow is falling. And Andorra’s offerings will surprise even the most curious of tourists.

Andorra Panoramica

Andorra Romanica
The Andorran Tamarro Route
The Human Rights Path

Our Favorite Museums and Attractions in Andorra

We dare you, to dive into the Andorran culture by visiting the museums or its attractions: discover the lifestyle of our ancestors, and their traditions and folklore.

Tobacco Museum
Casa de la Vall
Areny Plandolit Museum
Museu Miniatura

Museum of electricity

Espai Columba

Our Favorite Museums and Attractions around Andorra

Or our neighbors great monuments, museums and attractions, which will offer you a glimpse of great culture and the history of the destinations. 

Sagrada Familia

Parc Güell
Ciment Museum + Rail Way
Gaudi Gardens
Museu Trementinaires

Espai Ermengol