2020 changed our way of looking at life. Many changes affected our daily habits, not always in the positive way. But these changes should make us aware that health is our most precious good! While enjoying the Andorran nature, sun, breeze, mostly blue skies and energy of its landscape, mountain peaks, meadows, trees, rivers and waterfalls, we invite you to join us in relaxing  retreats that will boost your wellbeing and clear your mind, soul and body, of daily stress. We can include, on demand: route proposals, accomodations, local transports, activities, material rental, entrances to museums and attractions and guiding service in several languages. 

Our Proposals

Andorra is a natural enclave of health and well-being tucked away in the Pyrenees mountains. Andorra as a health destination has become one of the most demanded destinations for those looking to combine health, sport and outdoor activities. We offer you a wide range of wellness centres and spas, treatments, massages and therapies to help you relax, take care of your body and enjoy a well-deserved break. There’s nothing like a relaxing you-day, to relax after a day of activities, sport, leisure or shopping. 

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