Epidemiological Situation

As regards the mortality rate, Andorra continues to have one of the lowest rates in the world, at 1%. The percentage of positive tests in the past seven days is 1.5%.

Andorra continues to be one of the countries conducting the most tests per head of the population, testing 12-17% of the population each week. Increased detection capacity and rapid control of outbreaks thanks to a large team of contact tracers allows the country to reinforce its strategy against COVID-19.

At the same time, Andorra is continuing periodic screening to contain the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. This strategy has been further strengthened using antigen testing, which can be requested at Andorran pharmacies. People are advised to undergo this type of test, which is done through a nasal swab, before any kind of meeting or social gathering.

This measure was added to the recommended preventive measures in terms of physical distancing, ventilation of shared indoor spaces and hand hygiene.

Who can come & visit the country

Andorra, like most countries in the region, has applied a series of protocols for people visiting the country during the winter season. Tourists who spend three or more nights in the country, and who are aged over 6 years, are asked to provide a diagnostic test (PCR or TMA) carried out at most 72 hours before their arrival in Andorra.

Visitors coming from France, Spain and Portugal are exempt from submitting a test due to the health agreements between Andorra and these countries. Similarly exempt are tourists coming from countries considered to be in the ‘green zone’, i.e. countries where more than 5,000 tests per 100,000 inhabitants per week are performed or where less than 9% of the total number of tests are positive.

When it comes to international connections, it is important to remember that both France and Spain continue to have travel restrictions in force.

In the case of Catalonia, travel is allowed between Andorra and the Alt Urgell region.

In France, from 1 March onwards, travel is allowed between Andorra, Ariège and the Pyrénées-Orientales. Therefore, residents in these regions who wish to travel to Andorra may do so without having to undergo a test before returning to France, provided they stay less than 24 hours. The measure likewise applies to residents of Andorra.

The rest of the restrictions remain in force, so whether entering or leaving France, it is now mandatory for everyone aged over 11 years to present a negative viral test from within the last 72 hours to enter French territory from any European Union or assimilated country, such as the Principality. French citizens wishing to come to Andorra can have a diagnostic test done in Andorra and request a report of the results.

General guidelines for all people

  • Before travelling, it is advisable to check the requirements and recommendations for both countries of origin and destination.
  • In Andorra, everyone aged over 8 years must wear a mask and follow the restrictions in place to prevent infection.
  • Use of disinfectant gel at the entrance of facilities and keep the safety distance of 1.5 to 2 meters whenever possible. 


Open to reservations: You can book our partner hotels in Andorra without any problem. We will inform you about the availability.

  • Limitations: In some hotels there are restrictions for the use of common areas such as the spa or the gym. In addition, many hotels have suspended buffets and replaced them with a la carte or buffet service with waiter service.

Cancellations and Returns: Most of our partner hotels are very flexible in cancellations by Covid-19.

Ski resorts

Opening date: Pending update.

On 2 January 2021, the Andorran ski resorts opened up some of their facilities only to residents of the country. Depending on how the epidemiological situation of our country and that of neighbouring countries develops, it is expected that this opening will extend to all our visitors, until through to April 11, 2021.

Grandvalira, Vallnord and Naturlandia offer alternative snow-based activities to skiing and the use of ski lifts at the weekends. You can also enjoy the snow and nature with our mountain guides and practice snowshoe, skimo and book other excursions or activities. 

  • Packages: As soon as we get “green light” from our government we will open sales for the three stations.
  • Ski lessons (private and group): Available. 

Each station will implement special measures to help maintain the safety distance recommended by health authorities between students and monitors, and prevent congestion at points such as ski lifts.

  • There is no restricted capacity for open, ventilated lifts (chair lifts, conveyors, drag lifts or rope tows), but ANYONE OVER THE AGE OF 8 YEARS must cover their face with a face mask or a Buff® neck gaiter or similar.
  • Enclosed lifts (gondolas, cable cars) may have capacity restrictions in line with Government guidelines at any given time. All lifts will be treated using a photocatalytic system with a long-lasting effect that eliminates viruses and bacteria from all surfaces.
  • In cable cars and gondolas, the windows will be open at all times to ensure adequate ventilation.
  • Catering On Slopes: In some of the restaurants of the ski resorts special measures have been implemented such as limitation of capacity and limited hours. Some closed night catering in stations.
  • We recommend making reservations for à la carte restaurants in advance, as they will prioritise bookings in order to keep capacity in check.
  • You can view menus in QR format, to save touching paper for everyone’s benefit.

Cancellations and returns by Covid-19: Stations are flexible with cancellations justified by Covid-19 (border closures, perimeter or home confinements, etc.)

Bars and restaurants

  • Open with capacity restrictions and limited quantity of persons per table.
  • RESTAURANTS: Prior reservation is essential.
  • TAKE AWAY MEALS: Service available at the premises offering it. You can enter the premises to collect order respecting the measures of distance and capacity.

Stores & shops

  • OPEN: With limited capacity to avoid congestion inside shops.
  • STORE HOURS: The usual ones