How to get to Andorra? 

By Road:

From Spain:

Madrid-Zaragoza-Lerida-Ponts-Andorra (613Km)


Barcelona-Andorra: Regular bus service 10 x day / dia

- via Cervera (208 Km)

- via Solsona (196 Km)

- via the Cadí tunnel (185 Km-toll)


Lerida-Andorra (141 Km)

Tarragona-Andorra via Tàrrega (210 Km)

Girona-Olot-Puigcerdà-Andorra (219 Km)


From France:

Paris-Toulouse-Foix-Ax les Thermes-Andorra (882 Km)

Marsella-Narbonne-Perpignan-Bourg Madame-Andorra (757 Km)

Biarritz-Pau-St.Gaudens- Foix-Ax les Thermes-Andorra (451 Km)

Toulouse-Andorra (196 Km) (Regular bus service)

Foix-Andorra (55 Km)

Perpignan-Andorra (128 Km)

By plane:

From Spain:

Barcelona airport

- all day bus and minibus services run from the airport, also car-hire

Girona airport

- connection to Barcelona by train and bus, car-hire

- some months direct bus line to Andorra

From France:

Toulouse airport

- regular minibus and bus service

Perpignan airport

Aeroport de Caracassonne airport

-  by train or bus to Toulouse

By train:

From Spain:

Madrid-Lerida. High speed train / AVE / TGV 

- Connection by bus or taxi to Andorra


- Connection by bus to La Seu d'Urgell then bus or taxi to Andorra.

From France:

Paris-Toulouse - Ax les Thermes or l'Hospitalet

- connection by bus to Andorra

- for bikers there is a night train (sleep cabines) Paris - Toulouse

Perpignan-la Tour de Carol 

- connection by bus to Andorra

Perpignan-la Tour de Carol and connection by bus to Andorra.