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WWW. MY-WOE.COM is an Internet domain owned by MON D’EXPERIENCIES WW
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1. Conditions of access
Access to the Web site is an Internet domain owned MON D’EXPERIENCIES WW
Ctra. Dels Plans, edf.Angela 2-2
AD400 Escas. La Massana
Principality of Andorra
Tel.: + 376 838515 Fax: +376 837272

1. Conditions of access
Access to the Web site MY-WOE.COM involves the acceptance of the conditions in this legal notice, and also the use of the Web site, its content and services in accordance with existing legislation. For this reason it is recommended that you carefully read the contents of this notice if you want to access and utilize information and services offered by the Web site MY-WOE.COM.

2. Terms of Use
You agree to conduct a proper and lawful use of content and services offered by this Web site, and to refrain from conducting illegal activities, illegal or contrary to good faith and public policy; of total activity directed to impersonate any person natural or legal interfering, altering, evading, manipulate or disconnect the system, servers, networks, content or any protective devices or security systems that can be encouraged. In case of breach conditions of access and use of this Web site , the necessary measures to prevent the activities and behaviors described, will be taken without notice.

3. Object
Through this Web site MY-W OE aims to facilitate access to our customers to the realization for tourist bookings.

4. Contents
You assume, know caild be at times and accepts that the information contained on this website is purely informational, the site's content can be inaccurate, contain errors or may not be properly updated. MY-WOE will take all the necessary measures to correct and fix these errors. The content, organization and links have been selected by MY-WOE.
MY-WOE reserves the right to modify, update, add or remove content from the Web site, and limit or prevent access, either temporarily or permanently, without notice.

5. Disclaimer

MY-WOE cannot be held liable for damages of any kind that may arise from the availability and continuity of the technical operation of the website. MY-WOE is not responsible for the damage they may cause users' computers as a result of possible viruses that the user can enter because of navigation on the Web site.

The responsibility of the use of the information contained on the Web site is the same user.

MY-WOE cannot guarantee the absence of errors in access to the Web site, in its content or that these are fully up to date, will also bring all possible means to correct them and fix them. MY-WOE not be held responsible in case any of the content of the information or images that are not dependent on the Web site, or being managed by MY-WOE, for damages of any kind that may arise from third parties through Web site. Also, MY-WOE not guarantee that the characteristics of the facilities and services offered to our customers online exactly reproduces the exact characteristics of these real places and services.

6. Intellectual property rights
Content and graphic elements that are part of the Web site MY-WOE.COM disseminated through this Web site are the exclusive property of MON D’EXPERIENCIES WW It is prohibited to reproduce all or part of the contents of this site without express authorization.

7. Links
MY-WOE.COM cannot accept any in the presence of external links to other Web (links) is purely informative. Neither therefore, MY’s-WOE.COM responsibility nor give any guarantee regarding the information, views and concepts that are issued, to be published or distributed in these links. This legal notice affects only and exclusively to the Web site MY-WOE.COM and not to other Web sites that eventually will be consulted through links, or links to other Web sites in MY-WOE.COM.

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