A small country

Andorra has a population of around 73.105 (2016).
The population is concentrated in the two big towns of Andorra la Vella and Escaldes-Engordany, which are, with Pas de la Casa, the main centres of trade and business in the country. Other centres of secondary importance in numbers of inhabitants are Encamp and Sant Julià de Lòria, which are centres of population but much less commercial than the capital and its surroundings.

A young and varied population

The average age of the population is 36 years and the high rate of immigration since the second half of the 20th century has given variety to the Andorran population. For a long time (until 2011) Andorra has had a singular situation in matters of nationality: the largest population group in Andorra was of foreign nationality, Spanish, representing the major part of the total population (38%). The nationality law has recently been modified with the advice of the Council of Europe (right of soil added). In 2014 the most represented nationalities* were: Andorrans (50%), Spanish (25%), Portuguese (13%), and French (4%).

*with permanent residency in Andorra

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