20 Reasons to Visit Andorra

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20 reasons why you should visit destination Andorra

Tempesta en una tassa de té, Nature Art in Andorra

  1. Where else would you find so much culture, nature, shopping, sport and wellness offers on a surface of 468Km².
  2. Where else would you find a country with 2 co-princes. And from two different countries.
  3. A land with 3 school systems: French, Spanish and Andorran.
  4. A very SECURE country, without army and more than 700 years without war, defended by its neighbors, based on a peace treaty from 1278 after Christ.
  5. A country, until 2014 without own currency, just Spanish pesetas and French francs, now French, Spanish and Andorran Euro. (Andorran euros however are scarce and therefore hard to find.)
  6. A country without their own postal system? But two at their service!
  7. A country with a very high life expectancy and a very low child death rate, due to its life quality.
  8. A country with high quality of infrastructure, almost 35.000 hotel beds, modern congress centers and spectacular venues for Mice & Leisure.
  9. A country between Spanish Sun and Life as God in France, offering best of both.
  10. A country with more than half of its surface as nature reserve, partly UNESCO HERITAGE.
  11. A country with a very rich culture, with over 35 Romanic churches and 1 Basilica.
  12. A country with more than 70 natural lakes.
  13. A referent for winter sports: More than 300km alpine ski slopes, divided into 2 ski stations 63Km + 240Km.
  14. A country with white winters and green summers (Winter Sport season from end of Nov to mid Apr).
  15. A country with 300 sunny days a year.
  16. A country where gastronomy and joy go hand in hand.
  17. A country with breathtaking views and photo spots.
  18. A country where luxury is still affordable.
  19. A country where every visitor feels at home.
  20. A country where we will host you and/or your guests, making sure you feel comfortable and taken care of.


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