Compact tourism workshop in Poland “Special times require special measures”

To this Motto, we, together with our colleagues from several European incoming agencies, organize a professional industry workshop for bus operators, package tour operators, tour operators and travel agency owners in Poland. The special event will be organized in October in the touristically attractive city of Poznan (Poznan) in cooperation with the local tourism office.

LOCAL EXPERTS unite professional incoming agencies from all over Europe – from Andorra-France-Spain “My World of Experiences”, “Delta Tours” from the Baltics, “Travel One” from Madeira and Portugal, “Hi Moldova” from Moldova, “Travel Projekt” from Poland, “get Sicily” from Sicily and from the Czech Republic and Slovakia “Incoczech”. This means that representatives from several European destinations will be able to find themselves under one roof, plan future travel projects and jointly develop sales strategies for the upcoming travel season. We advise and provide information on the latest trends, ideas and travel products as well as local travel regulations and security solutions. In this compact form, the direct purchase of travel packages for almost the whole of Europe is made possible safely and reliably in one place.

The small but targeted travel fair will take place on 02.10.2020 in the city of Poznan in Poland, about 170 km from the Border Crossing Frankfurt Oder, in a manageable circle of interested buyers mainly from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This type of meeting provides the most effective results and the security required for both sides. Of course, the safety of the workshop participants is ensured and appropriate precautions are taken such as distance, disinfection, room size, etc.

An additional professional input is provided by the subsequent organized Fam-Trip through the most beautiful and important sights of the nearby region such as the UNESCO Copernicus city of Torun (Thorn), a vibrant city on the Brda River Bydgoszcz (Bromberg) and the first historical capital of Poland, Gniezno (Gnesen). The Fam-Trip takes place on the date 03-04.10.2020.

The registration forms can be requested free of charge via our Local Expert Poland: More information about our incoming network can be found on the Internet at

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